Yeast Infection Treatment – What are the treatments and medications used to combat vaginal yeast infections?

Many women experience a vaginal yeast infection from time to time. This can be quite normal. However, it can be quite disorienting if this condition reoccurs time and time again. We will explore ways to get rid of yeast infections once and for all.

There are many options out there for dealing with yeast infections. Since every woman’s body is different, it pays to find the right solution that is right for you. Ultimately, there may be some lifestyle changes as well as a possible trip to the doctor to identify a possible imbalance within your system. Your body may become weak due to repeated stresses as well as other factors that can contribute to your immune system becoming weak.

At times, you may be looking for the swiftest solution possible to deal with a yeast infection. If that is the case, there are prescription medications on the market that may be right for you. Fluconazole is an oral medication used to combat infection. It is taken to slow the rate of growth of yeast that actually causes the infection. This pill can be ingested once per day and you can also take it on an empty stomach. The solutions for women vary so you may find that it may take several weeks for the pill to work or it can happen as immediately as after your first dosage.

There are also several topical creams on the market that can be used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Some of those creams are butoconazole, terconazole and miconazole which are applied to the vaginal area. Your physician may suggest one of these topical creams in addition to an oral medication if the yeast condition is severe. While taking these medications and applying creams, it is important to monitor your progress. Women have reported side effects associated with infections from the combination of these different types of medicines.

There are some women that also have allergic reactions to the current medications on the market. If you are considering alternatives to the creams and oral medications, there are suppositories that can be used to treat your yeast infection. You can use a probiotic as a suppository to treat your infection. These can be purchased over-the-counter at your local neighborhood store. Probiotics are most effective when they are alive so it is important that you buy them in the refrigerated section of the store.

Alternatively, tea tree oil is natural and can also be used as a suppository. Tea tree oil has an active agent that will remove any known bacteria. Using tea tree oil also has a quick turnaround time in the range of twenty four to thirty six hours after application. Tea tree oil can also be purchased at your local pharmacy or from online vending sites like

Using creams and oral medications to treat your yeast infection may only be solving the immediate problem at hand. There may be more important underlying issues that need to be addressed. If you’re having repeated occurrences of yeast infections it is important to review your current lifestyle choices. If you’re constantly on the run or always exposing your body to stressful situations you weaken your body’s immune system. At some point, your body may start to resist the prescriptions making them increasingly ineffective.

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