Once a woman reaches her third decade of life, she is more prone in experiencing fibroids. Women also experience fibroids during their childbearing years which can make life very uncomfortable. While most fibroids are benign, it is important to know what causes fibroids in the first place. We will explore lifestyle choices that you may want to consider so that you can decrease the chances of developing fibroids.

Have you ever heard the saying that “you are what you eat?” Well, what you eat can also influence whether or not you will develop fibroids. The probability of developing fibroids can be lessened by the food you intake. A healthy diet should include many fruits and vegetables. You typically should have five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables daily. The more colorful your plate the better your health will be. Did you ever notice how a fast food plate lacks color? This could also indicate the nutrients or lack of them that you are receiving.

Fruits and vegetables contain a great level of nutrients and antioxidants. If possible, you can get an even greater return if you eat these fruits and vegetables raw. One can still receive nutrients if you cook these fruits and vegetables, however you receive all of the nutrients by eating them raw as cooking has been shown to destroy certain nutrients. Healthy eating can also balance hormones as well as increase estrogen levels in women. Once estrogen levels start dropping, fibroid development has the potential to rise.

Limiting dairy intake is also suggested to avoid fibrosis. Alternative sources for calcium prove to be more beneficial than eating and drinking milk that has been pasteurized and cannot be converted to fuel in humans. Excellent sources of calcium include leafy green veggies, almonds and fortified soy or almond milk. Limiting tobacco is another health choice that should be considered to avoid fibrosis. Lastly, the elimination of alcohol can prove to be a favorable lifestyle decision.

Regular physical exercise also decreases your chances of developing fibrosis and we all know it improves one’s overall well-being. By exercising, you have the ability to obtain more overall energy and thus feel better all around. It is hard to discount all of the benefits should you incorporate exercise in your life.

Incorporating healthy eating habits, which includes increased portions of fruits and vegetables, can help in decreasing the probability of developing fibrosis. Forgoing a sedentary lifestyle by adding a healthy dose of physical exercise improve your chances as well. One does not become a superhero overnight, so changing your lifestyle in moderation will ultimately be beneficial in handling fibrosis.

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