I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis approximately 30 years ago and started taking medications as prescribed by my doctor. Before I met Dr. Carter I had engaged in many various medications and treatments and spent so much money on them. The medications and treatments that I took had little or no effect on my condition. After consulting with Dr. Carter and discussing acupuncture, I decided that this was the treatment to try. On my first visit I knew right away that Dr. Carter was a very compassioinate and caring person. She listened to what I had to say and then explained what would take place. She made me at ease on the first visit. I had constant pain in my right shoulder, neck and back and I was unable to use my right arm, bend my back or turn my neck without pain. This interfered with my life in general so I was really excited to know that there was someone and something that could help. Now I have little to no pain in my back, my neck is steadily improving and I am using my arm at will. Although my treatment is still ongoing, because rheumatoid arthritis is ongoing, my condition has improved significantly. Actually, I really look forward to my weekly acupuncture treatment. Besides relieving the pain, the treatments are very relaxing and being with Dr. Carter is encouraging and uplifting. My life today is filled with heartfelt thanks to Dr. Carter who has been treating me for some months now. She made a believer out of me. Acupuncture is the way to go! Her work is far above excellent and has exceeded my expectations. To those still wondering if acupuncture really works, please learn from my experience. This testimonial is written solely based on my own experience with the healing power of acupuncture and most importantly finding the “right doctor.”

– T.T., Parrish, FL


I love getting acupuncture by Dr. Carter. She is a very good listener and she asks thorough and complete questions. I feel as if she really understands my health needs. Her touch is gentle and accurate and I feel like I am in very good hands!

– S.P., Sarasota, FL


Dr. Carter has been my Acupuncture physician for the past 6 six months. As of late, she has been treating me for a hyperextension of my elbow due to an injury in my martial arts class. I had such severe pain and limited range of motion that I couldn’t even turn my steering wheel in my car with my left hand. Having this elbow injury prevented me from being physically active which was extremely frustrating to me because I love to work out. I got an MRI and was told that this type of injury usually takes at least nine months to heal, but after five bi-weekly treatments I noticed a tremendous improvement. My range of motion increased by 80 percent and the inflammation dramatically decreased relieving my pain enough so I could go back to my martial arts training. Receiving acupuncture from Dr. Carter sped up the healing process and helped me get back to doing what I love. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

–M.D., Tampa, FL


I am a patient of Dr. Carter and she recently helped me to overcome a bad case of a cold/seasonal infection. I woke with a severe sore throat, fever and splitting headache feeling unable to perform my daily activities. Being a great supporter of natural medicine, I was happy to find out that Dr. Carter could see me right away for an acupuncture session. She greeted me in the lobby of the clinic and was very professional about introducing herself and explaining how acupuncture can help in my case. I was impressed by Dr. Carter’s extremely effective needling technique and had a good time resting during the acupuncture session. After the treatment, she offered me an option to take a Chinese herbal prescription to expedite the recovery. She properly explained how to administer the herbal powder and its use as medicinal. That evening, I already started feeling much better and decided to come back the next day for one more treatment. I am happy to say, that I was able to overcome my cold in 3 days and speedily return to busy daily life. Thank you, Dr. Carter, and I will definitely consider visiting you the next time.

–O.W., Bradenton, Florida


When I was 19, my period became excessive. It was like clockwork, coming every two weeks without fail. I knew this wasn’t normal, but I wasn’t sure why it was happening that way. I tried many different ways to resolve the issue, including birth control, creams, and supplements, but nothing seemed to work – nothing until I met Dr. Carter. I had never considered acupuncture for menstrual issues before, but she assured me that with a little bit of patience my cycle could be regulated. At this point, I was game for anything. She began slowly, telling me that since this was a chronic issue it could take a few months to completely correct. Regardless of the length of time, I was already on board after the first treatment. Her positive, professional, and caring attitude left me feeling confident with my decision of choosing this alternative approach. Within the first few treatments, I began noticing subtle changes, such as having more energy and sleeping better. As I continued, my period lessened. In less than 3 months it went from coming every 14 days to every 18 days to 25 days and now it comes every 28 days. I no longer experience premenstrual symptoms, fatigue, or bloating like before. It is a much more pleasant experience than I could’ve ever imagined. Dr. Carter is wonderful at what she does. I would trust her for anything and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone! Currently, I continue to see Dr. Carter for other issues. She is phenomenal!

– C.S., Sarasota, FL


When I started seeing Amanda Carter for acupuncture treatments I was not sure if she would be able to help my back and shoulder. When I explained to her my problem she knew exactly what to do to make me feel better after only one treatment. I have seen Amanda many times since. She always is able to relieve whatever pain I have and rejuvenate my body so I can keep busy and active. Thank you for all the great care you have given me.

– J.W., Sarasota, FL


I am a 46 year old female who has suffered from depression for the last several years. I was taking an anti-depressant that my doctor prescribed which over time had lost its effect. I went to see Dr. Carter because a friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture and that it could actually balance my emotions. I admit I was skeptical, but I was willing to give it a shot because I no longer wanted to take drugs to control my emotions and the drugs weren’t doing a great job anyway. Dr. Carter was very compassionate about my situation and did a long intake at my first visit to determine the underlying cause of my depression. She then gave me an acupuncture treatment that was so relaxing I fell asleep right on the table. She gave me some herbs to take with me and I took my first dose before I left. By the time I got home there was a remarkable difference in my emotions and I actually felt a peace that I hadn’t in a long time. I continue to take the herbs every day and get regular treatments and I can honestly say that I am no longer depressed and I am happy again! I am amazed at how well acupuncture and herbs treat depression and I am forever grateful to Dr. Carter for helping me. One more thing: I am off of all medication. I feel great!

K.T., Lakewood Ranch, FL


I am a 67 year old man who went to see Dr. Carter for some back pain I was experiencing. I had moved some furniture in my house and tweaked it and was having a hard time getting around and doing my daily activities. Dr. Carter was confident that she could help me and was very gentle when she gave me acupuncture. The entire experience was actually so much more relaxing than I had imagined it would be. I left her office and got in my car to drive home and half way home I noticed that the pain was gone! Just like that! That was my first experience with acupuncture and now I am a regular patient of Dr. Carter and I go see her for any health issue I might be experiencing. I would highly recommend her without hesitation.

J.H., Lakewood Ranch, FL

As with any medical treatment, we cannot guarantee results and individual experiences may vary.