Parrish, FL

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis approximately 30 years ago and started taking medications as prescribed by my doctor. Before I met Dr. Carter I had engaged in many various medications and treatments and spent so much money on them. The medications and treatments that I took had little or no effect on my condition. After consulting with Dr. Carter and discussing acupuncture, I decided that this was the treatment to try. On my first visit, I knew right away that Dr. Carter was a very compassionate and caring person. She listened to what I had to say and then explained what would take place. She made me at ease on the first visit. I had constant pain in my right shoulder, neck, and back and I was unable to use my right arm, bend my back or turn my neck without pain. This interfered with my life in general so I was really excited to know that there was someone and something that could help.

Now I have little to no pain in my back, my neck is steadily improving and I am using my arm at will. Although my treatment is still ongoing, because rheumatoid arthritis is ongoing, my condition has improved significantly. Actually, I really look forward to my weekly acupuncture treatment. Besides relieving the pain, the treatments are very relaxing and being with Dr. Carter is encouraging and uplifting. My life today is filled with heartfelt thanks to Dr. Carter who has been treating me for some months now. She made a believer out of me. Acupuncture is the way to go! Her work is far above excellent and has exceeded my expectations. To those still wondering if acupuncture really works, please learn from my experience. This testimonial is written solely based on my own experience with the healing power of acupuncture and most importantly finding the “right doctor.”