Bradenton, Florida

I am a patient of Dr. Carter and she recently helped me to overcome a bad case of a cold/seasonal infection. I woke with a severe sore throat, fever and splitting headache feeling unable to perform my daily activities. Being a great supporter of natural medicine, I was happy to find out that Dr. Carter could see me right away for an acupuncture session. She greeted me in the lobby of the clinic and was very professional about introducing herself and explaining how acupuncture can help in my case. I was impressed by Dr. Carter’s extremely effective needling technique and had a good time resting during the acupuncture session. After the treatment, she offered me an option to take a Chinese herbal prescription to expedite the recovery. She properly explained how to administer the herbal powder and its use as medicinal. That evening, I already started feeling much better and decided to come back the next day for one more treatment. I am happy to say, that I was able to overcome my cold in 3 days and speedily return to busy daily life. Thank you, Dr. Carter, and I will definitely consider visiting you the next time.