Tampa, FL

Dr. Carter has been my Acupuncture physician for the past 6 six months. As of late, she has been treating me for a hyperextension of my elbow due to an injury in my martial arts class. I had such severe pain and limited range of motion that I couldn’t even turn my steering wheel in my car with my left hand. Having this elbow injury prevented me from being physically active which was extremely frustrating to me because I love to work out. I got an MRI and was told that this type of injury usually takes at least nine months to heal, but after five bi-weekly treatments I noticed a tremendous improvement. My range of motion increased by 80 percent and the inflammation dramatically decreased relieving my pain enough so I could go back to my martial arts training. Receiving acupuncture from Dr. Carter sped up the healing process and helped me get back to doing what I love. I cannot recommend her highly enough.