Lakewood Ranch, FL

I am a 46-year-old female who has suffered from depression for the last several years. I was taking an anti-depressant that my doctor prescribed which over time had lost its effect. I went to see Dr. Carter because a friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture and that it could actually balance my emotions. I admit I was skeptical, but I was willing to give it a shot because I no longer wanted to take drugs to control my emotions and the drugs weren’t doing a great job anyway. Dr. Carter was very compassionate about my situation and did a long intake at my first visit to determine the underlying cause of my depression. She then gave me an acupuncture treatment that was so relaxing I fell asleep right on the table. She gave me some herbs to take with me and I took my first dose before I left. By the time I got home there was a remarkable difference in my emotions and I actually felt a peace that I hadn’t in a long time. I continue to take the herbs every day and get regular treatments and I can honestly say that I am no longer depressed and I am happy again! I am amazed at how well acupuncture and herbs treat depression and I am forever grateful to Dr. Carter for helping me. One more thing: I am off of all medication. I feel great!