Sarasota, FL

When I was 19, my period became excessive. It was like clockwork, coming every two weeks without fail. I knew this wasn’t normal, but I wasn’t sure why it was happening that way. I tried many different ways to resolve the issue, including birth control, creams, and supplements, but nothing seemed to work – nothing until I met Dr. Carter. I had never considered acupuncture for menstrual issues before, but she assured me that with a little bit of patience my cycle could be regulated. At this point, I was game for anything. She began slowly, telling me that since this was a chronic issue it could take a few months to completely correct. Regardless of the length of time, I was already on board after the first treatment. Her positive, professional, and caring attitude left me feeling confident with my decision of choosing this alternative approach. Within the first few treatments, I began noticing subtle changes, such as having more energy and sleeping better. As I continued, my period lessened. In less than 3 months it went from coming every 14 days to every 18 days to 25 days and now it comes every 28 days. I no longer experience premenstrual symptoms, fatigue, or bloating like before. It is a much more pleasant experience than I could’ve ever imagined. Dr. Carter is wonderful at what she does. I would trust her for anything and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone! Currently, I continue to see Dr. Carter for other issues. She is phenomenal!