Benefits of Cupping Therapy

  • Moves Qi & Blood, Removes StasisPromotes circulation of blood flow and energy flow to move out toxins and stagnant substances, while simultaneously nourishing tissues and the interstices
  • Stops or Alleviates PainFrees muscular adhesions (trigger points), relaxes muscle tissues and tendons, which turns off or mutes efferent nervous impulses that characterize pain signals to the central nervous system
  • Warms the Body and Dispels ColdThe application of heat is very soothing and comforting to the mind (nerves) and body. Cold can get lodged in the body, travel deeply and cause all sorts of pathologies. Cupping delivers heat therapy on a novel and effective manner.
  • Diminishes Inflammation and SwellingOne protective measure the body embraces is flooding an injured or sick area with blood and other body substances. Acutely, this is helpful to stabilize a problematic region. Chronically, this inflammatory response is detrimental. Cupping is an anti-inflammatory treatment modality that liberates the flood of byproducts and increases the healing response.
  • Treats Musculoskeletal DisordersAs an Asian bodywork therapy, cupping attends to the aches and pains from daily activity to elite athletic endeavors, and also the injury process that occurs from damaging tissue. Frozen Shoulder, Back Pain, Arthritis? Cupping helps that and more. Again, cupping promotes the healing response of the body while alleviating common pain symptoms.
  • Treats Internal DisordersCupping therapy is especially good for Digestive, Respiratory, and Gynecological pathologies. Further, when combined with Acupuncture Medical Theory cupping is a comprehensive treatment in and of itself.
  • DetoxificationBy pulling up deep stagnations, cupping mechanically draws toxins to the surface where they are washed away by the influx of fresh blood. Beyond this, cupping can be used to purge poisons from venomous bites from animals and insects.

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