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Acupuncture is a holistic system of healing that is thousands of years old and growing. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the larger medical system that houses acupuncture, traces its roots to at least 2,000 years ago and by some scholarly estimates over 5,000 years ago. To put it in perspective, that is just before the very first pyramids in Egypt were being built. Literally, acupuncture is ancient and is still evolving as researchers and scientist-practitioners expand the knowledgebase of this practical medicine.

Many are familiar with the notion of acupuncture, but let’s dive deeper. Modern acupuncture employs the use of filiform, or “threadlike,” needles. The needles are placed into specific points along the body by a Licensed Acupuncture Physician. The Meridian System Theory that was developed and refined millennia before today is a cornerstone of acupuncture. An acupuncturist assists the healthy functioning of this system through acupuncture needles, and other medical modalities. Points along the meridians are influenced by the acupuncture needles via numerous needling methods, physical techniques (bodywork), or herbal application.

In TCM parlance, acupuncture can move Qi and blood (promote circulation), clear and remove obstructions to open the meridians, strengthen or sedate Qi to restore harmony, raise or descend Qi to restore balance, promote organ functioning, alleviate pain, expel pathogens, boost immune levels, promote digestion, brighten the eyes, benefit the brain, calm the mind, and so much more. The overall purpose of acupuncture is to restore homeostasis and balance, in other words, to bring optimal health to the body.

  • Promote Circulation
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Expel Pathogens
  • Promote Digestion
  • Calm The Mind
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