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We offer a wide array of services to help you achieve optimum health. Our Acupuncture Physicians are trained Doctors Of Oriental Medicine. The techniques that we use in treatments are time tested ancient principles rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture Treatment


Acupuncture is often used in traditional Chinese medicine for pain relief and several other common ailments. Our licensed acupuncturist use tiny needles to stimulate points along the body’s energy flow channels to help balance the body’s natural health.

Cupping Therapy (1)

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a treatment used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our practitioners apply heated glass cups to specific points of the body. Cupping produces a suction action that stimulates circulation and relieves swelling.

Homeopathic Injections

Homeopathic Injections

Our practitioners use Homeopathic remedies using the extracts of plant material that have been sensitized to the point where no discernible remnant of the original substance is in the actual remedy. Using pure, medical-grade homeopathic injections.

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine is very effective whether it is recovering from injuries, keeping the immunity strong to prevent disease, or treat pathologies that arise. The herbs prescribed for you will help to promote balance, healing, and longevity. Our Acupuncture Physicians can formulate herbs that will provide relief to your ailments or illness.



Acupuncture is a viable alternative for the treatment of common childhood illnesses. Our practitioners use Traditional Chinese Medicine to help children to thrive and be healthy using methods that are safe and effective. Chinese Medicine is time tested and has been practiced for over 2,000 years. It can help infants to teens. Acupuncture activates the body’s innate potential to heal itself.

Women's Health

Women's Health

Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to understanding our bodies and treating them accordingly. Acupuncture systematically improves all factors. We also use natural medicines that are free of any side effects. Our job as your practitioner is to identify the root cause of the problem, which can be different for all. We work to bring the body back into balance.