How We Help With Migraines

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If you live in the Sarasota area and you struggle with migraine headaches then there is a good chance that an acupuncturist can help you.  Acupuncture works by balancing the qi, or the lifeforce of energy, in the body.  In turn, this reduces inflammation and clears stress out of one’s musculature.

Many different causes have been linked to migraine headaches from certain food triggers, to stress and overwork, environmental factors, and fatigue.  The good news is that sufferers can find relief through the combination of acupuncturist treatment and Chinese herbs.

In Chinese medicine, there are a couple of underlying causes for migraine headaches.  The most common cause is liver qi stagnation.  Common symptoms, besides migraines, would be anger, irritability, impatience, sighing, stress, possible constrait or pain in the rib area, neck and shoulder tension, PMS, menstrual pain, breast tenderness, indigestion or even irritable bowel syndrome.

The other typical underlying cause of migraines, according to Chinese medicine, is kidney deficiency which is synonymous with adrenal fatigue.  This can be caused by overwork, over consumption of caffeine and excess will power.  People suffering from this are said to be buring the candle from both ends, working too much during the week and running on adrenaline only to collapse on the weekend with a horrible migraine.

The good news for sufferers is that acupuncture can be used as a powerful preventative measure to keep migraines at bay.  Typical treatment involves the insertion of fine, cat whisker thick needles into specific points over the body.  The needles are gently manipulated to coerce the qi to flow evenly through the energetic channels on the body.  Where there is a blockage of qi there is pain.  An Acupuncturist works to unblock this qi thus relieving the pain.   Most patients find the treatment very relaxing and many fall asleep.

Along with acupuncture, most patients are put on an herbal supplement which works to resolve the underlying cause of the headaches, whether it is from liver qi stagnation or kidney deficiency.  Together with acupuncture, the results are powerful.  A series of treatments for one with migraines is usually 6-8 treatments over the course of about 4-6 weeks.  At that time the patient and his/her progress will be assessed.

At Lakewood Ranch Acupuncture and Wellness we also can refer you to adjunct therapies like massage and chiropractic which we have available in our building and which can offer you a truly comprehensive approach to treatment without any side effects.  So if you suffer from migraine headaches, know that you do not have to accept this as a life sentence and that relief is available.  If you are ready to take your health into your own hands and stop suffering with migraines then call our office today at (941) 518-6237.  We are never too busy to help you!


Amanda Carter is a board certified acupuncturist physician and doctor of Oriental medicine practicing in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and servicing the surrounding cities: Sarasota, Bradenton, Ellenton, and Parrish.

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