Dr. Courtney Spafford

Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Courtney Spafford, DOM, AP, is a nationally board-certified (NCCAOM) and Florida licensed acupuncturist. She earned her degree from East West College of Natural Medicine, a rigorous five-year program consisting of over 4,050 hours, both in the classroom and under clinical supervision as an intern. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and won the prestigious Founders Award. Courtney also received additional training in acupuncture injection therapy, which is an advanced form of acupuncture that utilizes therapeutic and natural injectable fluids in place of traditional needles, thus blending the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicine.

Her specialties include pain management, sports medicine, internal medicine, OBGYN/fertility disharmonies, as well as gastrointestinal imbalances.

Courtney compassionately provides her patients with individualized and comprehensive care, treating a variety of conditions. More than just treating diseases and their symptoms, she promotes preventative health, wellness and patient empowerment. She is passionate and extremely committed to helping people feel their best each and every day. She feels incredibly fortunate to have found this career path and thoroughly enjoys waking up each morning to help others.

Prior to becoming a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, while on a full scholarship for tennis, Dr. Spafford earned a degree from Hillsborough College in Tampa, Florida. It was her prowess as a tennis player that, ironically, led her to her new career. She was sidelined by an ankle injury on the court that delayed her transition to the professional circuit. It was that injury, however, that exposed her to acupuncture for the first time. It was truly a blessing in disguise.

A continually evolving practitioner, Dr. Spafford remains inspired by this endlessly fascinating system of healing. She aims to empower her patients physically, mentally and spiritually through patient-centered care.