What Is the Diagnosis for Leaky Gut Syndrome and What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

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Leaky Gut Diagnosis

Traditional medicine tends to overlook or not properly diagnose leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut, also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a digestive condition in which bacteria and toxins are able to “leak” through the intestinal wall. Those that are in the alternative medicine profession have professed its importance and dangers of overlooking this condition. It is important to identify signs and symptoms of a leaky gut so that one can return to a life of well-being.

Having a leaky gut is a result of weak intestines due to poor diet as well as toxins. If the intestines are strained, they therefore allow toxins into the bloodstream. This has the greater ability of weakening a person’s immune system. An immune system is weakened due to the toxins as well as food that has not properly been digested which then inflames the gastrointestinal tract.

Your body has triggers where it fights off bacteria. Left unattended, your body may start to exhibit some telltale signs of a leaky gut. Skin rashes or pain in the abdomen are a few of the symptoms that are related to having issues associated with weak intestines. Irritable bowel syndrome is another leading indicator of a leaky gut. Having irritable bowels are associated with pain in the abdomen as well as cramping. This also causes your bowel movements to become irregular. These symptoms can vary with each individual but it is important to know that this must be checked out as soon as possible.

Loss of concentration is another troubling symptom associated with leaky gut. Have you ever started a project and couldn’t finish it? Are you unable to focus on one thing for period of time? Are you always changing your mind and is it increasingly difficult to make a decision? These are some common issues associated with having a lack of concentration. Your mind may be wondering because of the leaky gut. The intestines are working overtime and are taking away from productive brain functioning.

Be on the lookout for troubles with constipation. When bowel movements are few and far between you may also want to take notice. This can vary from person to person, but some alarms should sign off if you’re going every couple of days without having to go to the bathroom. The bowels become more difficult to pass and straining may occur. While it can be embarrassing to talk about, this symptom will increase pain that is not necessary.

If your energy levels continue to fluctuate, you may also experience mood swings. Mood swings are when you change from one emotion to another rather quickly. Have you ever seen anyone that was super quiet on one moment and very hyperactive the next? These are hormonal changes where you cannot effectively deal with your emotions. Mood swings can also give you the feeling of being out of control. Being out of control can also affect sleep patterns and now you’re starting to see how little by little leaky guts can lead to many ailments.

Having the candle burn at both ends will ultimately deteriorate your health. Coupled with poor eating habits, you may start exhibiting symptoms of those that have leaky gut syndrome. By acknowledging the signs and getting them treated properly, you may soon live up to your full potential of being a healthy individual.

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