What are the causes of leaky gut syndrome?

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Leaky Gut Causes

Remember the days, before you had a leaky gut? The days when you could eat anything that you ever wanted without getting sick? When you were younger, you were able to push your body to the limits by feeding it fast food, junk food and other unmentionables just because you could or you just didn’t have enough time to sit down have a proper meal. Now, you may be feeling the pain from all those years of abuse. So what are the leaky guy causes? We will explore some of the causes of leaky gut syndrome and how they may apply to you.

Malnutrition and/or allergies related to food or digestive issues are typical criteria of those that experience leaky gut syndrome. One can experience a leaky gut when their small intestine has been pushed to its limits and has begun to break down. If this happens, the intestines can be inflamed or start to leak toxins into the bloodstream. It is imperative to get the situation under control as soon as possible.

It is easy to get into the trap of eating a lot of processed foods and fast food. There are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes it feels like we would negotiate more if we could. There’s just so much to do and so little time to do it. Eating on the run is a byproduct of our increasing stress that we put on our body. If you’re eating on the run, you’re not taking enough time to properly digest your food either. When this happens, greater amounts of food reach the small intestine without being properly digested. This makes the small intestine work overtime to try to take care of this.
Those that experience food allergies are also prime candidates of having the leaky gut syndrome. Food allergies is one of the hallmark leaky guy causes. Dairy products as well as food with wheat or soy properties are known to give someone food allergies. These types of foods are also difficult to digest and may take up to several hours to be broken down. The problem is most people are unaware of their allergic reactions to these types of foods. They find out too late and only after the leaky gut syndrome becomes symptomatic.

You must also be aware of the symptoms that are associated with experiencing leaky gut syndrome. Are you experiencing chronic muscle pain along with pain in the abdomen area? Has your memory been failing you lately? Can’t remember the last time that you have been so forgetful? These can be triggers to let you know that you should be on the lookout to see if your gut is leaking. Skin rashes and shortness of breath are also symptoms associated with this condition. Lastly, you may start feeling sluggish and long for the days when you had an overabundance of energy.

Having awareness about the causes of a leaky gut syndrome can put you in the right direction towards treating it. Left unattended, it can lead to more serious conditions like liver disorders and pancreatitis. So if you are experiencing the above symptoms, you may in fact have leaky gut syndrome.