Four Strategies That Can Naturally Balance Hormones

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Four Strategies That Can Naturally Balance Hormones

Let’s face it.  Hormone imbalances take a lot of the fun out of life.  If you are experiencing an imbalance yourself, you may notice reduced chronic stress, sadness, irritability, fatigue, decreased focus and reduced metabolism. Sometimes, imbalanced hormones could also cause chronic insomnia, and the condition can eventually lead to increased inflammation. In order to balance the levels of various hormones, there are many things you can do.  In this blog post we will go over the five main suggestions that we tell our patients that they can do to balance their hormones naturally.

Using Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are great in balancing hormones.  Adaptogenic herbs will give the body exactly what it needs.  So if you have too much estrogen or testorsterone, they will decrease those hormones in your body.  If you don’t have enough of these hormones then they will increase them in the body.  Adaptogenic herbs are wise.  Maca is one of those herbs that we recommend and ashwagandha is another.  
Maca may effectively modulate testosterone and estrogen, and if an individual is experiencing symptoms of imbalanced hormones, maca can decrease inflammation, improve well-being, optimize focus and increase energy. 
Many individuals looking to balance their hormones also consume ashwagandha, which is an herb that can modulate testosterone and estrogen. Generally, the botanical may induce the release of extra thyroxine, which is a thyroid hormone that can boost energy and improve well-being. Additionally, the herb is great for balancing the thyroid, whether you’ve been diagnosed with hyper or hypothyroidism. Ashwaganda is also excellent for dealing with insomnia that is caused by hormone imbalance and we do recommend our patients take this one before bed.  


If you consistently exercise, your brain will release numerous types endorphins, which may enhance well-being and focus. Generally, various exercises can substantially augment the production of healthy hormones, and exercise can also reduce stress and decrease levels of cortisol. Exercise also releases the “happy-making” neurotransmitters in your brain such a seratonin, norepinepherine and GABA.  All of these cause that pleasent and euphoric feeling, therefore overiding the feeling of stress.  Sometimes, workouts can also naturally increase levels of dehydroepiandrosterone, which is an abundant hormone that may improve the condition of the cells. Exercise is great for hormone balance.  


When balancing hormones, diet is of utmost importance because what you put into your body can either help your hormones balance themselves or keep them in a state of imbalance.  Ideally, we tell our patients to avoid large amounts of caffeine, which could substantially increase levels of cortisol.  We also suggest our patients stop consuming sugar as this negatively affects cortisol production by increasing it, therefore increasing the body’s reaction to stress.   Many experts have indicated that dairy products could also influence the production of certain hormones because the foods may contain artificial hormones. Even if you are getting organic dairy it’s important to understand that if a cow is lactating to produce milk the cow is also releasing hormones into that milk which people consume when injesting any dairy products.  It can be quite difficult to balance your hormones when you are injesting the hormones of another animal.  Eliminating alcohol is also very important as alcohol stresses the body out and affects hormone balance.  We recommend our patients eat a plant based diet that is made up of whole, organic foods.  


Finally, we recommend our patients get regular acupuncture and take Chinese herbs.  Acupuncture releases neurotransmitters like GABA, seratonin and norepinephrine from the brain which in turn decreases the stress response in the body which helps to balance hormones.  Acupuncture is excellent in treating the symptoms of hormone imbalance such as stress, insomnia and fatigue.  There are many different Chinese herbal formulas that can balance ones hormones and when taking along side of regular acupuncture treatment they work amazingly well.  Acupuncture and herbs can substantially mitigate chronic stress, increase energy, modulate the levels of certain hormones and improve the condition of the thyroid, adrenals and hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The treatments could also improve an individual’s mood and enhance focus.

Our acupuncture physicians in Lakewood Ranch, Florida have helped many individuals who experience the symptoms of imbalanced hormones, and you can evaluate the benefits of acupuncture, examine frequently asked questions, view our blog or read numerous reviews. If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 941-518-6237.  We look forward to helping you.