9 Ways CBD Saves the Day

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Get high with THC. Get heathy with CBD.

“I never inhaled.”

Stated by Former President Bill Clinton when asked if he ever smoked marijuana in his youth. Laughable nowadays, right? Yeah, you’re also right, … laughable then too!

Let’s be real here, the politics of marijuana and hemp go back over a century in our fair nation. The real debate is money-centered. So, here is some money talk …

The Cannabis industry in North America peaked at $6.7 Billion for the year 2016 as stated in an Arcview Market Research report. This is a 30% growth since 2015, and illustrates an overall 25% compound annual growth. As forbes.com relates, “To put this in perspective, this [cannabis] industry growth is larger and faster than even the dot-com era.” According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a total of 29 states (plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico) have implemented “comprehensive public medical marijuana and cannabis programs.” With another 17 states allowing for low-THC, high-CBD product usage. From an investment perspective, this is exceptionally promising. From a scientific perspective, it means more support, greater interest, and expanded funds dedicated to valid and reliable research to continue to test the medicinal effects of cannabinoids.

Canna … What?

Well, what are cannabinoids? The two most famous and infamous phytocannabinoids are THC and CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, respectively. THC, as many reading this are already well aware, is the psychoactive component of cannabis. Put simply, it gets you high man, as told to me by the hippy-looking senior trying to sell dime bags in high school homeroom. What about CBD? Does it get you high? Depends on your definition, but almost resoundingly “No.” It does get you high in health values though.

In geek speak, CBD has a low affinity for the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The CB1 receptor is scientifically shown to relate to the psychoactive effects. So, if the CB1 receptor is an all night rave and EDM dance party … THC is bringing glow sticks, dying its hair hot pink and ecstatically dancing, while CBD is home studying, preparing a meal of organic whole foods, practicing internal martial arts, and going to bed early. Let me be clear, CBD is nonpsychoactive. Let me be clearer, CBD is also highly medicinal!

The endocannabinoid system is part of you and me. It resides deep within and systemically throughout our bodies. We actually naturally create numerous endocannabinoids, one named Anandamide has been called the “bliss molecule” and is shown to promote pleasure, increase happiness, and reinforce motivation. It is also naturally occurring in the Cocoa bean, which is one reason why chocolate makes us feel happy!

(When you see the term phytocannabinoid, it refers to a plant-derived cannabinoid. Therefore, endocannabinoid refers to endogenously created, or self-made, cannabinoids.)

Back to CBD … let’s start the trend here and call it the “super medicinal molecule.” For now, the second most researched endocannabinoid after THC is robustly showing great promise for myriad human ailments. Generally, I hesitate to use the word “panacea” or “cure-all.” That said, CBD is arguably the greatest panacea of the 21st century. For researchers and scientists who allow the evidence to lead to unbiased conclusions, evidently, CBD is top-shelf, grade-A, next level medicine. It’ll get you healthy, man!

Where does the research lead? Well, CBD has therapeutic application in …

  • Autoimmune Disorders (e.g. Diabetes, Arthritis, Hepatitis)
  • Cancer (e.g. Large Intestine, Lung, Cervical, Breast, and numerous others)
  • Cardiovascular Diseases (e.g. Stroke, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension)
  • Gastrointestinal Disturbances (e.g. Crohn’s and Colitis)
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (e.g. Pain and Injury)
  • Neurological Disorders (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
  • Psychoemotional Disorders (e.g. Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia)
  • Respiratory Diseases (e.g. Asthma, COPD)

NOTE: I am using Diseases, Disorders, and Disturbances interchangeably.

9 Ways CBD Saves the Day!

9 Way CBD Saves The Day

  1. Adaptogen (Reduces adverse effects of stress)

    Research on CBD hemodynamics, or cardiovascular effects, concluded that, “Overall, CBD administration significantly reduced the increase in [blood pressure] BP and [heart rate] HR induced by stress.” Meaning, acute dosing of CBD improved one’s physiological response to stressful activities. This meta-analysis also concluded that nearly any level of CBD dosage had a therapeutic effect on hemodynamics.

  2. Anti-Cancer

    Well-established research shows the anti-tumor, anti-invasive, and anti-proliferative actions in brain, breast, cervical, colon, and lung cancer of cannabidiol. CBD is also known to reduce or eliminate the adverse side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory

    Dr. Kozela concludes that “… CBD down regulates the transcription of proinflammatory genes …” and “Moreover, a number of anti-oxidant transcripts exerting anti-inflammatory effects were unregulated by CBD …” Basically, CBD promotes transcription (manufacture) of anti-oxidants that produce anti-inflammatory effects while inhibiting the manufacture of inflammatory producing (proinflammatory) agents. CBD acts on both sides of the anti-inflammatory response!

  4. Anti-Oxidant
  5. Detoxifier
  6. Immunopotentiator (Regulates the Immune System)

    Whether your immune system is compromised or excessive, CBD will restore normal functioning by either boosting or sedating the immune system in acute illness or chronic pathology.

  7. Neuroenhancer (Promotes cognitive capacity)

    Research on the use of CBD to treat Alzheimer’s Disease shows that CBD reverses memory deficits and stimulates neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells). What? Read it again, CBD reverses memory loss and promotes new brain cell growth in Alzheimer’s patients!

  8. Neuroprotectant (Protects the nervous systems)

    The same Alzheimer’s study illustrates that CBD acts as a neuroprotective agent, reduces neurodegeneration, and prevents neuroinflammation from neurotoxicity. Simply, CBD is extraordinarily beneficial for the brain!

  9. Vasorelaxant

    The meta-research on hemodynamics also found CBD to increase cerebral blood flow on mouse models of stroke, and promotes circulation to brain regions while reducing cerebral vascular inflammation. And remember, CBD has considerable and favorable action on blood pressure and heart rate. That means, CBD is therapeutic for those suffering from hypertension and tachycardia.

    Truly, CBD energetics are vastly advantageous for optimal human health. It restores the balanced functioning of numerous systems that run the gamut from body, mind, and spirit!

CBD Legalese

If you are concerned about laws in the United States regarding CBD: Exhale, you are okay. CBD can be purchased and used in all 50 states of the Union, and US territories. The main stipulation to keep every party clear is that the CBD must be extracted from industrially grown hemp NOT medicinal marijuana. You may have heard that marijuana is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, labeled “Marihuana” or “Marihuana Extract” by the DEA. You heard right.

You may not have heard about a meta-analysis from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine that evaluated over 10, 000 peer-reviewed research studies and made over 100 conclusions about the health effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. Pain, Cancer, Sleep, Airway Dynamics in Respiratory Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Cognitive Performance – all bettered and improved from cannabis and cannabinoids.

Please note, CBD is legal to buy and use anywhere in the United States if it comes from hemp sources!

CBD Safety

According to research completed by Dr. Ewa Kozela and her team at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, CBD is very low in toxicity to humans and other species. Those other species are rats, mice, dogs, rabbits, and piglets – so give it to your pets and adopted farm animals, they will love it too.

Essentially, CBD is as toxic as cucumbers. If you have a specific allergy to it, or if you go rogue and consume unheard of amounts of the stuff, you may get queasy. Other than that, CBD is used successfully in all populations, including children!

Wait, you mean there is a very potent medicine that is very safe for my child? Yes, yes, and hell YES! In fact, CBD has been demonstrated clinically to be a neuroprotectant and prevents neurotoxicity. That means it guards your nervous systems (Central and Autonomic) like a Green Knight in shining armor defending the Castle You!


With the billions of dollars being made you better believe that top-tier science has entered the fold. Career chemists are making a mint to come up with the best ways to extract this potent medicine. Huge investment is in the extraction process with pharmaceutical grade equipment and clever techniques invented to procure this green gold. We now have high grade, pure, well sourced (organic, Non-GMO) CBD extracts flooding the market.

The best form seems to be CBD oil. With just a dropper full, or less, you can experience all the medical miracles of this natural substance. Now, with sooooooo many brands and products on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure which product is best suited for you. That’s why you need professional guidance. Your personal practitioner, who knows your health history and current condition, can make a customized recommendation unique to you. Practitioners also have the benefit of getting higher quality products that are medical grade.

If you are interested in upgrading your health with CBDs, give Lakewood Ranch Acupuncture and Wellness a call today. Our practitioners can thoroughly assess your health, come up with a comprehensive diagnosis, and provide you superb healthcare, holistically! Schedule an appointment now and discover the pathway to your personal potential!


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