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Fix Your Menstrual Cramps With Acupuncture!

Fix Your Menstrual Cramps With Acupuncture! There are just some things that Acupuncture is great at treating. Gynecological issues like painful menstrual cramps is one of them! Many women have mild to agonizing period pain monthly. At times it may feel unbearable. From an early age, girls are prescribed birth control to help control menstruation by Western doctors. In their view, if you suppress menstruation you stop the pain. Makes
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Fasting for Health

Why you ought to be Intermittent Fasting! And how to do it well! Fasting. We all do it. You may or may not realize that every sleep we get is a form of fasting. So, what is it and can it be helping in creating a healthy body? Well, it is any day fasting. Intermittent fasting aims to shed pounds, boosts mood, and increases your ability to perform at its
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