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Does My Child Need Antidepressants?

Any child could feel sad from time to time, but depression is a serious and ongoing mental health issue. It almost always requires professional care. Now, you might think that prescription antidepressants are the most effective treatments for this disorder. However, they can be harsh on the body. By contrast, alternative ways to treat depression can be gentle and soothing. Indeed, finding a holistic physician to treat depression in Lakewood Ranch could keep your child from experiencing great discomfort. When Depression Strikes There are many signs of childhood depression. They include a loss of interest in hobbies and fun activities. Children who are depressed may be socially isolated, frequently bored, and lacking in energy. They might cry often or seem angrier than usual, and their grades could drop. Plus, they might lose sleep or start sleeping too much. In addition, depression can make it hard to focus, and it can bring about headaches and stomach pains. If you believe that your son or daughter could be depressed, make an appointment with the family pediatrician right away. Be aware, though, that many physicians and psychiatrists are quick to recommend antidepressants these days, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in particular. What Are SSRIs? When the brain wants to send a message to some part of the body, it releases a chemical called a neurotransmitter. Serotonin is one such neurotransmitter. After that message has been delivered, the neurotransmitter reenters the nerve cells. What SSRIs do is keep serotonin from coming back right away. Instead, the serotonin will linger for a while within the synapses, the spaces between the neurons. With less serotonin in them, these nerve cells can “speak” to one another more clearly, and they can thus control the emotions more efficiently. Unfortunately, by altering the activities of the brain, SSRIs, and other medications can produce nasty side effects. They include nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and dizziness. That’s why so many parents are seeking natural depression relief in Lakewood Ranch. A Better Way One of the most beneficial alternative ways to treat depression is through acupuncture. Acupuncture dates back to ancient China, and it involves stimulating the body with needles. Those metal needles pierce the skin, but they don’t cause pain. Heat can be applied during acupuncture sessions as well. Acupuncture can ease a wide range of medical problems, including arthritis, nausea, and chronic headaches. The needles induce the brain to release endorphins, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Like SSRIs, those chemicals are capable of soothing physical and emotional pain. Acupuncture needles may also trigger the brain to discharge more nerve growth factor. That compound allows the nerve cells to reproduce faster and to stay healthy longer. Chinese herbs represent another popular type of natural depression relief in Lakewood Ranch. As is true of acupuncture, these herbs have been in use for hundreds of years. Your child could take them as capsules or in liquid form. An example of a depression-fighting Chinese herb is ginkgo biloba. It improves the circulation of dopamine through the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that sends messages from one neuron to another. Many other Chinese herbs also enhance neurological communication and right the brain’s chemical imbalances. In combination, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are fast-acting treatments. In short order, you may notice that your child has more energy, more interest in socializing, and more smiles to share. Just thinking of your son or daughter enjoying life once again might prompt you to contact one of our acupuncture physicians to help your child feel happy again. We would love to help.

Homeopathic Traumeel Injections for Inflammation and Pain Relief

A growing body of consumers favors natural, homeopathic Traumeel injections as remedies for natural inflammation relief. Any inflammation in the body causing pain may be relieved with a simple Traumeel injection. Infused with botanical ingredients, Traumeel injections are recognized as a natural homeopathic pain relief remedy in Europe. Americans can now benefit from receiving Traumeel injections that do not typically cause negative side effects. Arnica montana root is the main botanical ingredient in a Traumeel injection. Arnica Montana Root and its Natural Proclivity to Heal Pain Inflammation in the body is not always but often caused by a physical injury. Known for its ability to provide relief from pain caused by inflammation, arnica Montana root offers natural treatment. People can opt to undergo Traumeel injections containing arnica Montana root as well as other homeopathic ingredients instead of cortisone shots or prescribed medications. Whether the pain is caused by a sports injury or tennis elbow, natural inflammation relief via a traumeel injection provides a welcome alternative. Homeopathic Injections are Safe  Research shows that most people do not experience any adverse reactions after receiving homeopathic injections.  For most people, traumeel injections provide natural homeopathic pain relief devoid of any negative reactions. People experiencing pain caused by a variety of possible reasons can find relief without submitting to potentially harmful medical treatments such as medications or surgery. A Few Words about Homeopathic Traumeel Injections  When any part of the body is injured, the immune system’s response commonly includes swelling in the area where the skin tissues have been affected. Unfortunately, the human body tends to react in an excessive manner, which causes the inflamed area to take a long time before it is completely healed. Homeopathic traumeel injections help relieve the swollen areas and promote a much faster healing response. Natural Traumeel injections offer inflammation relief to various parts of the human body. Here are a few of the medical conditions treated by homeopathic Traumeel injections: lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) minor pain caused by arthritis spasms of the muscles bone fractures torn muscles and ligaments sprains pain in the pelvic area hip pain sports injuries pain experienced after surgical procedures Natural Homeopathic Traumeel Injections Versus Cortisone Shots Cortisone shots have been used by allopathic physicians for many years. Although corticosteroids are relatively safe ingredients for treating inflammation caused by pain, some patients may prefer to undergo alternative homeopathic treatments. Traumeel injections provide natural pain relief for people who prefer treatments containing botanical ingredients. Plus, some patients find that cortisone shots do not provide complete relief from all painful symptoms. People who are looking for natural alternative remedies may experience satisfactory results after undergoing a series of administered homeopathic traumeel injections. When to Make an Appointment for a Traumeel Treatment  Anyone experiencing a sports injury or sudden inflammatory pain can make an immediate appointment with one of our acupuncture physicians. After receiving the first injection, our physicians can determine whether the patient requires more injections. Some patients may need to return to the doctor’s office or clinic for several injections until the pain is no longer an issue. When combining these injections with acupuncture treatment and cupping the body heals much, much faster. Make an Appointment for an Initial Consultation Today  Any person seeking an alternative treatment for pain relief is encouraged to call our office for an appointment. Drifting through life with constant pain is an unacceptable way to live. Give us a call now at (941) 518-6237 to schedule your homeopathic traumeel injection for the natural inflammation relief.

5 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

5 Ways to Balance Your Chakras In essence, the seven chakras are human power centers. They receive energy, and they distribute it evenly throughout the body. Together, they form a vertical line from the top of the head to the base of the spinal column. In this hectic world, it’s easy for the chakras to get out of balance. Anxiety, depression, and various medical disorders can block them, leading to greater suffering. Fortunately, effective methods for chakra balancing are available. Before we discuss healing techniques, though, let’s look at the chakras one by one. The Chakras Crown The crown assists with intellectual functions, and it helps you experience bliss. When it gets stopped up, psychological impairments can occur. Third Eye Positioned in the middle of your forehead, the third eye makes you wiser and more intuitive. You may find it harder to remember things and anticipate events to come when it’s out of balance. Throat The throat chakra lets you express yourself more clearly; it gives you a great gift of gab. In addition, it can make you more creative and allow you to make better judgments. When it’s clogged, however, your communication skills and creativity could be hindered. Heart The chakra that promotes love and empathy is right there in your heart. Is your heart chakra imbalanced? If so, everyone around you should watch out. You might lack caring and appreciation for others. Solar Plexus This chakra gives rise to anger and happiness, and it fuels personal ambition. If it’s not in equilibrium, you might be plagued by indigestion, listlessness, or even a persecution complex. Sacral Between the stomach and spine is the sacral chakra, which is associated with joy and romantic desire. When it’s blocked, guilt and obsessiveness may prevail. Root The base of your spine has a chakra that controls survival instincts and regulates the fight-or-flight response. A blockage here could cause excessive fear or protectiveness. Rebalancing If you’ve been experiencing physical or emotional problems lately, you might try one of these powerful chakra balancing techniques. Guided Meditation By sitting tall or lying on your back, breathing deeply, and focusing on positive thoughts, you can realign your chakras. Of course, a meditation specialist can show you how to make the most of these sessions. Outdoor meditation is especially beneficial; it can make you feel more grounded. Also, for greater calm, try meditating with chakra crystals on your body. Visualization Visualizations can have profound effects on a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You could imagine yourself achieving a major goal, or you could just picture yourself completing each task on your schedule for the day. For some people, it’s useful to envision reaching into a chakra and pulling out the metaphorical strings that are binding it. Yoga Gentle yoga sessions with trained teachers often provide great rewards. Indeed, healing positions like the warrior poses can nurture the chakras back to health. Reiki A Reiki therapist can place his or her hands on your body in very precise ways. As a result, much-needed energy will flow directly into your chakras. Acupuncture The human body contains hundreds of acupuncture points, and the chakras are seven of the most significant. Thus, when a gifted acupuncturist needles the chakras, their stores of energy can become balanced once again. We offer expert acupuncture to each of our patients. Your appointment with us will include soothing crystals and careful needlings. Before long, your precious chakras will be flowing with life and vitality once again. To learn more about our services or to schedule, an appointment with our Acupuncture Physicians send us a message today! We look forward to guiding you on your wellness journey.